Slim Thai massage

The combination of fine body peeling and reducing mud wrap. Massage helps to fight with cellulite, visisibly improves skin appearance.

1 massage 90min ........ 1700,-
3 massages 90min ........ 4800,-
6 massages 90min ........ 9600,-
10 massages 90min ........ 16000,-


Traditional Thai massage

works with strength performance on pressure points, relieves muscular and joint tension, tendon tension, and feet, adjusts the skeletal structure and evokes total physical and psychical relief. In this point it differs from classical massage that works only with muscles. Masseuse uses fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet to produce pressure combined with stretching and acupressure to unblock energy lines and to evoke total harmony in your body.

60min ........ 900,-
90min ........ 1200,-
120min ........ 1500,-


Oil Thai massage

is a lighter form of classical Thai massage, it works with lower pressure on single points.Your body receives a systematic pressure massage starting with your head that continues with your neck, the spine and back muscles massage. Especially relieving is the subsequent massage of your arms and legs including every single finger.

60min ........ 740,-
90min ........ 980,-
120min ........ 1300,-


Royal Thai massage

means a combination of traditional Thai massage and oil massage, ending with placing special hot herb packets on the places where energy flows. It is a royal massage, as its name says, because Thai herbs and spices contained in the packets help to perfectly relax and to totally eliminace stress. You feel like resurrected after this procedure.

90min ........ 1400,-
120min ........ 1700,-


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