Back and Neck Thai Massage

Thai massage especially for tension relief in the upper part of your back, head, shoulders and neck. The masseuse concentrates on the head, neck, shoulders, nape and the upper part of the back. She uses different pressures and massage techniques to stimulate acupressure points. This leads to tension relief. Back and Neck Thai Massage is a very effective technique how to eliminate negative effects of stress.

60min ........ 740,-
90min ........ 980,-


Thai foot massage

means the stimulation of reflex points that lead to single human organs, it is combined with calf muscle massage, using natural massage oil for feet massage, and last but not least, with the stretching and relaxation of every single toe. Thai foot massage is extremely relieving and it has a positive impact on psyche and stress relief.

30min ........ 350,-
60min ........ 600,-


Herbal massage

is traditional Thai massage using special warmed herbal bags applied on the places where energy flows. Special bags that are applied on a massaged body are filled with Thai herbs and spice that help to relax perfectly and degrade stress.

90min ........ 1300,-
120min ........ 1600,-


Special oil massage

provided by two masseurs. They will massage your whole body using 100% natural oils and you will feel like in heaven.

60min ........ 1400,

Thai Face Massage

has relaxing effects on central nervous system above all. It helps to remove the process of ageing for it improves the blood circulation and the elasticity of face muscles. For its excellent relaxing results it is highly recommended not only for woman, but also for man.

30min ........ 450,-
60min ........ 700,-


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